Admission Procedure


Registration for the admission of a student in the school can be made upto date three years in advance. However for a new academic session registration commences from the month of January of every year. A copy of the registration form is keep inside the folder can be downloaded from website. This for duly filled in may be returned to the school with a cash payment of Rs.100/-. A registration Roster is maintained at the school and a call letter for admission test will be sent strictly in accordance with this.


As the child registered he/she has to pass through selection tests. For the children below five years age there will be an oral test and for the children above five years there will be written as well as an oral test. Admission is done exclusively on merit basis.

After the confirmation of the admission the student will get written information of the result and the same will also be display on the notice board.

Parents should note that they should deposit the amount of fees mentioned in the letter and left her/his child join the school on or before the date mentioned in the confirmation letter. The confirmation will get automatically cancelled if the child fails to join the due date unless special permission is obtained from the principal for joining late.
(no case will be considered beyond thirty days of the original date given.)

At the time of admission parents must provide following documents to the school:-
(a) Birth certificate(original)
(b) Three passport size photograph of the child to be admitted.
(c) Complete information about child immunization.
(d) A photocopy of the latest progress report of the child if he/she has been attending any school.(along with the original for the verification)
(e) A transfer certificate from the previous school attended.(it should be countersigned by Edu. Off in case of Non CBSE or inter state transfer)
(f) A medical certificate form the M.B.B.S. or M.D. medical practitioner declaring the health status of a child.

Requests for mid term admission will be entertained only at the direction of managing committee. New students who make little progress owing persistent idleness or proved incapacity may be required to leave the school at the end of academic year.