Code Of Conduct

Parent Teacher Meeting Programme

The school desires to have a close contact between parents and teachers in order to develop an atmosphere that is conclusive to better and effective education. Parent’s teachers meetings are conducted periodically to help to know the children better. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings where feedback is providing on the ward’s progress, and the parents can meet the faculty members teaching his/her ward. Suggestions received from parents/guardians will be consolidates, and a genuine effort is made to implement the feasible and reasonable request/ideas. The school diary keeps the channel of communication open.

Visit By Parents And Guardian

Parents/guardians visiting the school are requested to call at the school arrangement will be made to call the child from the class. They are requested not to go to the class room directly.

If for an emergent reason the parent wishes to take out child out of the school campus, special permission will have to be obtained from the principal. If a person other than a parent is collecting the child, a letter of authority must invariably be brought from the parent.


Whenever a student is absent from a school, a leave application must be submitted to the principal on the very first day he/she attends the school. If case long leave is required, prior sanction of the same by the principal is necessary. The leave note must be written by the parent explaining the reason for absence. Please don’t forget to mention the name, class and section of your ward. It must be born in the mind that 75% attendance is a must, if a student is to be considered for promotion to the next class.

No student suffering from any contagious and infections diseases shall be permitted to attend the school.

Pupils must be punctual and regular to school.

Principal Meeting Hours

Parents can visit the school to meet the principal between 10A.M. to 12.30. P.M. on all working days. To avoid inconvenience, you are requested to adhere strictly to the above timings for meeting the principal.