Regional Convent Higher Secondary School is a co-educational school run on English public school times with a tradition of providing quality education to all, irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

The aim of school has always been to develop the best that is “talent” in children and to prepare them for the challenges of a changing world through the encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievement and physical fitness.

The school is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the cause of excellent education in the country.

The school is to follow m.p. board of secondary education syllabus and has classes from play group and onwards, with well qualified staff, small class with a maximum strength of 30, an ideal teacher student ratio, normally 1 to 25, the schools takes good care of the academic performance of the student.

The academic subjects are grouped under various faculties and each faculty is headed by a well experienced senior teacher. Regular faculty meetings are held up to review the work of the students and to discuss further development. With a well checked out and rigorous daily routine and students are constantly challenged to reach their full potential and are taught the importance of sound work habits. No student in allowed to or has opportunity to idle away any time.